Book Nook Vellum Dashboards

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Pocket Rings
A6 Rings
Personal Rings
Personal Wide Rings
Mini HP
B6 Rings
A5 Rings
A6 Stalogy
Hobo Weeks
B6 Stalogy
Hobo Cousin

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Arched Cutout
Open Window Panes
Both for a discount
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Two different but gorgeous book nook scenes printed on high quality translucent vellum. One has a complete window cutout for viewing items layered behind it and the other has a subtle window opening for a touch of interactivity in your setups. If purchased in ring sizes, they will come hole punched.

Available in the following sizes:

Pocket Rings: 3.25x4.75 inches

A6 Rings: 4.1x5.8 inches

Personal Rings: 3.75x6.75 inches

Personal Wide Rings: 4.75x6.75 inches

Mini HP: 4.625x7 inches

B6 Rings: 5.3x7 inches

A5 Rings: 5.8x8.3 inches

A6 Stalogy: 4x6 inches

Weeks: 3.2x7.2 inches

B6 Stalogy: 5x7 inches

Hobo Cousin: 5.5x8

Additional Information

Pocket Rings, A6 Rings, Personal Rings, Personal Wide Rings, Mini HP, B6 Rings, A5 Rings, A6 Stalogy, Hobo Weeks, B6 Stalogy, Hobo Cousin


Arched Cutout, Open Window Panes, Both for a discount