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A6 Stalogy
Hobonichi Weeks
B6 Stalogy
Pocket Rings
A6 Rings
Personal Rings
Personal Wide Rings
B6 Rings
Mini HP
A5 Rings
A5 Wide Rings (will not be punched)

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This Bookish Bundle can be used in multiple ways! It includes:

2 Dashboards (1 Interactive Dash and 1 Bundle Exclusive Custom Dash)

1 Bookmark/Page Marker

Set of 4 Mini Tabs

2 Bundle Exclusive Vinyl Stickers

Interactive Bookstack Dashboard: Add some interactive fun to your planner with this dashboard that has a hidden surprise - the second book from the top pulls up to reveal space to write secret notes, rate books you've read or keep track of a TBR list.

 For all ring planners, the dashboard will also be side loading, allowing you to add background papers or to use it as storage. For notebook style planners, the entire dashboard with be open on both sides, allowing it to slip over the pages of your notebook and still act as a pocket. 

Custom Book Frame Dashboard: Use this dashboard in your every day planner or a reading journal/planner! Customize with your word choice(s) and border vinyl color.

Bookmark/Page Marker: Add some vintage library flair to your books or planners with this bookmark.

Set of 4 Mini Tabs: This set of mini tabs are customizable with your own word choices. Choose to use them as bookmarks with phrases like "You Are Here" or "One More Chapter," or use them in your reading journals and planners with phrases like "Monthly Reading Log," etc.

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A6 Stalogy, Hobonichi Weeks, B6 Stalogy, Cousin, Pocket Rings, A6 Rings, Personal Rings, Personal Wide Rings, B6 Rings, Mini HP, A5 Rings, A5 Wide Rings (will not be punched)