Custom Cutout Vellum Dashboard

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Pocket Rings
A6 Rings
Personal Rings
Personal Wide Rings
B6 Rings
Mini HP
A5 Rings
A5 Wide Rings (will not be punched)
Hobo Cousin
A6 Stalogy
Hobo Weeks
B6 Stalogy

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Add some unique fun to your planner with this custom dashboard made out of translucent vellum with a word of your choice along the side. These can be used purely for decoration, or even as divider dashboards to separate the sections in your planner.

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Pocket Rings, A6 Rings, Personal Rings, Personal Wide Rings, B6 Rings, Mini HP, A5 Rings, A5 Wide Rings (will not be punched), Hobo Cousin, A6 Stalogy, Hobo Weeks, B6 Stalogy