Sticky Flap Dashboard

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A6 Stalogy
Hobonichi Weeks
B6 Stalogy
Pocket Rings
A6 Rings
Personal Rings
Personal Wide Rings
B6 Rings
Mini HP
A5 Rings
A5 Wide Rings (will not be punched)
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We've brought back the OG Sticky Flap Dashboard - made out of clear lamination and top loading on both sides (for ring planners). But now, they're available for notebook style planners too and come side loading so they can slip over a page and still retain the functionality of the sticky flap dashboard. 

Use this dashboard to hold sticky notes, mark your place, or just to add some personalized deco.

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A6 Stalogy, Hobonichi Weeks, B6 Stalogy, Cousin, Pocket Rings, A6 Rings, Personal Rings, Personal Wide Rings, B6 Rings, Mini HP, A5 Rings, A5 Wide Rings (will not be punched)